Without a doubt, the Indonesian fashion industry holds a promising outlook as Badan Economy Kreatif noted that industry holds the largest growth potential out of all other creative economy contributors. However, the fashion industry currently holds a bad reputation in contributing a sustainable growth as it is now the third most polluting industry in the world.
At Saint York, we believe that fashion should make no compromises on the matter of garment quality, employee working condition, and protecting the Earth. Since we first started, we source our fabrics from the finest excess textiles from local garment factories and neighboring countries. We try our best to minimize waste by developing the left over fabrics from our production house into hair ties and such. Every purchase of our end products are then wrapped in a UV degradable chemical-free spunbond shopping bags for you, our consumers, to reuse. Additionally, our employees are paid above the regional minimum wage with paid leave.
Understanding the gravity of devastating environmental impacts from fast fashion production, Saint York integrates sustainable and ethical practices with its streetwear aesthetic to help increase awareness for its buyers to be less wasteful and more eco-conscious.

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