#SYTribe of the month: Stella Sadikin

Stella Sadikin is a photographer, and a passionate The Black Keys lover. While she works for a design consultation firm in Jakarta, capturing candid intimate moments gives her the highest form of art pleasure. Her days of studying abroad in America left her inspired to create art intensely and relentlessly. She has been Saint York's photographer since day one and we absolutely adore her!

What made you fall in love with your profession?
I have always liked the idea of preserving memories through a visual medium found in photography. Trying out different classes during college made me realize that dedicating my life to capturing moments that go by in an instant would be so fulfilling. Photography also allows me to share my ideas visually, so in a way I speak through my art.

What was your most memorable gig?
It has to be my very first photoshoot with Saint York. Being the main photographer for that shoot, I was finally able to direct and capture my own visions.

What does being a millennial mean to you?
Being a millennial is living as an unapologetic fierce b*tch. Millennials are willing to hustle, but are still able to enjoy what life has to offer. We know how to work hard, and play hard.

Do you have a secret passion?
I was introduced to ceramics during my college years, and am still absolutely drawn to it. Creating something that transforms from a malleable form to a permanent object is very satisfying.
Working in the creative industry, your fashion style is one representation of how you treat your art. How would you describe your style?
I identify my style as a minimalistic goth. A fashion influencer I look up to is @emiliecsz. Her style leans towards the masculine side more than I currently dress, but I just love seeing how she pairs up everything.

Do you have any favorite Saint York pieces? How would you pair it in accordance to your style?
I love the Fulton Kimono hoodie because it’s so comfy to use yet I still look polished for work. Because my job takes me to meetings and different shooting locations just in a day, it has become my go-to commute outerwear. I usually pair the hoodie with a black T-shirt, high-waisted pants with a touch of color from my socks.

If you could change one thing about Jakarta, what would it be?
The insane traffic. It is truly the bane of my existence.

Are there any issues you’re currently invested in?
Pollution really concerns me, because it really does interfere with every aspect of my life. The hazy sky ruins every building shots I take for work, and the air quality from commuting depresses the life out of me. I am trying to be less wasteful in terms of single-use plastic, and I do believe that the little changes you do result in a multiplier effect, like bringing Tupperware to work for lunch.

What do you want to do before turning 100?
Visit every country on this planet. Or maybe visit Earth’s colony in Mars because why not.

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