Streetwear Culture in Indonesia

In this day and age, who isn’t familiar with streetwear? Crazed among today’s society, streetwear has become a staple for people of all ages.

Being highly influenced by Western culture, streetwear first emerged in Indonesia in the 2000s after Californian skateboarding and surfing cultures dominated Indonesian’s urban. The rise of streetwear was then heightened as sneakers became the next cool thing to wear in mid 2010s.

Today, with the rapid use of social media, streetwear is synonymous with comfortable luxury clothing. Hypebeast and other media sites alike have further boosted the popularity of streetwear, publicizing current streetwear trends on the daily. The growth of streetwear culture in Indonesia itself has thrived over the past years as more consumers continue to gravitate towards the simplicity of streetwear.

Currently, the Indonesian market is dominated by streetwear curated for men. Graphic T-shirts, hoodies, and jackets fill the racks of every streetwear brand. Looking at this gap, Saint York offers elevated designs for women craving for the simplicity and edge of streetwear.

Streetwear allows people to express themselves through every fashion piece. A graphic T-shirt speaks multitudes of one’s interests and style. In Indonesia, it is a statement of individuality in a sea of million others.

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