Of New Faces and Lingering Joy

Three weeks ago, Saint York joined Brightspot Market 2019 as one among the many tenants at the biggest bazaar in Jakarta. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this year we watched Brightspot Market grow into its potential as one of the biggest supporters of local brands like Saint York. Although this year marked only the second time Saint York participated in the bazaar, we find an utmost joy in being able to connect with new members of the #SYTribe, as well as reconnecting with our loyal #SYTribe. 
This time around, we launched another collection exclusively at Brightspot Market 2019, titled Visual Dripp, inspired by Elena Damiani and Larry Bell. As a nod to these brilliant artists, it was vital for our neon arched booth to incorporate aspects of their artworks as a way to sew the whole collection together. Seeing the reception of our new collection reminds us why we founded Saint York: selling clothes is one thing, but building a business to provide the urban with genderless, elevated streetwear options is a mission we take pride in. 
And although 2019 is almost over, launching Visual Dripp marks the start of another exciting collection cycle. Sit tight, enjoy the rest of the year, and do keep your lookout on our ‘gram for something special in these last months of 2019!

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