Masks!! Our efforts to help flatten the curve!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all are good health and staying at home!

Let's talk about masks! As proven in countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia who has successfully flatten the curve by having all their citizens mandatory to wear masks when they’re out in public. No, it doesn’t have to be those surgical masks or those expensive N95 masks, they are making masks out of fabrics at home. The country got to work in a collective effort to make and distribute these masks so that everyone in the country have access to them.

We at Saint York would like to provide these masks to people who needs it the most like our public servants such as our mail man, the neighborhood garbage man, delivery service man, etc. We owe it to them because working from home is obviously not an option for them. Which is why we are now selling these masks for Rp. 30,000 per mask. For every purchase of the mask, we will hand one out to public servants that we see in the streets of our neighborhood. We will be handing them out ourselves (with safety gears of course) and also with some help from our friends over at Trivi Outbound for distributions (Shouts out to our friend Dr. Stephanie W)

These masks will be made out of our left over fabrics from production that we’ll be up cycling! Most of them will be made out of our soft and lightweight cotton fabrics for comfort. The elastic on the ear loops are thin and soft and won’t hurt your ears even after long wear. There is a pocket for filters (tissue paper or spunbond fabric) that you can insert and take out easily. But most important of all, it’s NOT single use! You can wash it and reuse it for months (if not years) on end!

With every purchase of this mask, we are not only saving the planet from single use surgical mask waste but also help our doctors and nurses get the mask supplies they need in the forefront of this fight. Fabric masks might not protect you 100% against the Covid-19 virus, but it will help people prevent touching their face and partially protect you from droplets up to 90% chance. This is also a PSA to everyone not to hoard medical supplies like alcohol swabs, surgical masks, N95 masks, surgical gloves, etc!

The objective of this post is not to get donations of money, but to give out as many masks as we can to you as our donators (our heroes) and to the general public who can’t afford them. Because the more people wear masks, the less virus can be distributed and fewer individuals are exposed. #masks4all

Join us in our effort to help flatten the curve, and help provide masks to our community.

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