Inspirations behind Saint York's designs

For Saint York, design inspiration comes from every incidents of life. Example: joking about turning iconic Indonesian paintings (e.g. Raden Saleh’s Penangkapan Pangeran Diponegoro) into graphic tees turned into a theme of one of their collection, because an old saying goes, a fashion collection is worth a thousand words.


Saint York’s first collection was named Generation Female, marking the start of the women-owned fashion brand and the vision of dressing the future generation of stylish women. As a nod to years spent abroad in the United States, the collection was based on the huge shift from offline to online retail in America, and the dependency to online shopping that followed. For the SoHo T-shirt, Novi and Illy noted the lengthy CVS [an American retail store] receipts to be the inspiration. “It’s just so funny to us that even when you’re only buying a piece of gum, you’ll still get this crazy long receipt,” said Illy.




Their second collection, Cult of Youth, represented the vibrant life of forever youthful individuals. Incorporating bright colors and lax pieces such as the Bowery jacket, Saint York highlights the optimistic outlook of being young. Following the theme of youth, the Money, Power, Glory collection revolved around the irony Millennials face: aspirations of becoming rich, famous, and successful clouded by the harsh reality of life. With the Wallstreet T-shirt, a 500 rupiah bank note is halved to reflect an unfulfilled ambition. 


The latest collection of Saint York, Anti-Establishment, pays homage to the origins of plaid. After first getting super divested into plaid, the founders dug deep and discovered that plaid was originally worn as a Scottish family symbol. The use of plaid, or tartan, then shifted as a military uniform with the uprisings against the English monarchy. Anti-Establishment looks to symbolize plaid as a resistance against the stigma of what a woman should wear. Moving away from feminine expectations, the collection features unconventional designs to embrace different dimensions of womenswear.


Inspirations come and go, but creating stays finite. With what life throws at you, a fashion collection can come from anywhere. So, what will Saint York come up with next? Stay tune and keep an eye out for our next upcoming collection.

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