Gender and fashion

Too often, the world recognizes life as binary. There is yin and yang, beer and wine, male and female. Grey area between opposites is nonexistent, binding the way of living for people to adhere to social, and especially gender norms. Fashion also falls victim to binary categories with brands creating solely for men or women.

Streetwear began as a vessel for men to express themselves through their graphic T-shirts or branded hoodies. As it began to popularize outside the surf and skate community, the boundaries of menswear streetwear and womenswear streetwear faded, giving streetwear a new identity of being genderless.

Saint York centers its design on maintaining a silhouette for the genderless streetwear community. Be it dresses, outerwear, or bottoms, any streetwear should not confine humankind as binary for its fluidity know no gender. Unbounded by social and gender restraint, people should always only dress their non-conforming best self.


 Source: @tedjomichael @michaelouistan and @gabstersheena from @gabstersays all wearing our pink and white Union Shirt dress


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